How To Bully Proof Your Child

Bullying has reached epidemic proportions in today’s society and while some schools, workplaces and governments are taking measures and attempting to curtail bullying, the sad reality is that bullying may often occur when there is no authority figure present to stop it and it may occur when and where there may be no witnesses to corroborate that it even occurred.

Bullying incidents are further exacerbated by bystanders who witness a bullying incident and take no action to intervene or help diffuse the situation and thus they become complicit in the bullying behavior through their inaction.

The unfortunate reality is that a child or an adult who is targeted by a bully may be the only person who can stop it and they often must face their antagonizer(s) alone and without help.

fear_courage_1200x900Even when the target of bullying summons the courage to stand up to a bully, they still need to possess the skills necessary to effectively deal with a bully.

Non violent conflict resolution skills may work in some cases to diffuse a bullying encounter; however those skills may not work in others situations.

The better prepared one is to face a bully on whatever terms the bully brings to the altercation, then the better one is equipped to bring a swift and favorable end to a bullying encounter.

Further compounding the challenges for those being bullied is the unfortunate reality that in some instances when a person who is being bullied takes necessary actions to stop the bullying, then the victim may be subject to the same punishment as the bully.

Schools, workplaces and public places may expel, suspend or arrest all parties involved in certain incidents. In some cases conceptually flawed and ineffective “zero tolerance” policies merely allow entities enforcing such policies to avoid analyzing the events that transpired leading up to the incident and by punishing all involved they avoid admitting what really happened on their watch and/or they avoid dealing with the underlying events that resulted in the incident. In the end the victim may be bullied AND get punished for taking action to stop it. What is wrong with this picture?

With proper training and preparation no one need suffer the actions of bullies and/or the ineptness or inaction of overseers or indifferent bystanders. Where there is preparation there is no fear.

Moo Duk Kwan® martial art schools certified by the nonprofit United States Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation® teach the Soo Bahk Do® martial art system with an emphasis on developing personal safety awareness and skills to avoid conflict whenever possible and the skills necessary to prevail in a conflict when avoidance is not possible.

Help protect your child by empowering them to stand up for themselves, so they are not the subject of a video like the following:

Mom, Dad, I’m Scared

Words Hurt

Nobody Is Coming To Save You

Who You Gonna Call?

Take A Stand Against Bullying

Disney Channel Celebrity Demi Lovato Stands Up Against Bullying

Welcome To My Life

Bullied To Death Memorials

The Only Way to Stop Them is to Stand Up To Them

2010 Karate Kid Movie Trailer 1




Protect your child by empowering them to stand up for themselves.

For the location and date of a Bully Proof  program near you call (888) 766-2245 or search here

The call is free and the benefits are priceless.

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Best Seats In The House

IMG20089When you volunteer to serve as a scorekeepers or time keeper your really get up close and personal with all the exciting action because you have the best seats in the house at ringside!

Score keepers and time keepers are crucial to running the competition portion of the United States Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation National Festival and Dan Leadership Convention and your service will be greatly appreciated.

So Gups, Dans and parents who would like to have ringside seats for the competition can get them by serving as scorekeepers and timekeepers during Regional Team and Individual Dan competition.

U.S. Federation Recognized In Congressional Record

congressional-records-1024x768When you are bidding to bring the National Festival to your Region, do you think the United States Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation® and its National Festival are really that big of a deal?

A New Jersey State Representative and the Congressional Record think so.

What The Heck Is Going On In Region 8!?

r8_fed_fist_patch_300_dpi_transparent_300x309We are not exactly sure whats going on in Region 8, but something is definitely up!

Although it’s still early in the 2014 National Festival destination bidding process, it’s already beginning to look like Region 8 may steal the event away from everybody else.

Take a look at the real-time results of the bidding process that will determine the 2014 National Festival destination.

Now take a look at this map illustrating nationwide Federation Dan member population density and tell me why you think that more members are bidding to host the National Festival at the highlighted destination shown on the map than are bidding for it to be held in any other location in the U.S., even areas where far more Dan members live?


Whatever is going on in Region 8, it seems to fly in the face of logical assumptions.

For example:

  • One might presume that Dan members who plan to participate in the 2014 National Festival would want to do so at the lowest possible cost by avoiding airfare and minimizing hotel expense and would thus bid to keep the event in their backyard… or not.
  • One might also presume that Regional Officials responsible for sponsoring Regional Teams to attend the National Festival would bid to keep the event nearby and thus seek to avoid the cost of airfare and minimize hotel expenses they are responsible for… or not.
  • One might even presume that in locations where more members live who are potential National Festival participants that those areas would be most likely to have more bidders and win the event simply because the number of potential bidders in high density member population areas out number the number of potential bidders from elsewhere… or not.
  • One might even presume that the circled destination on the map is currently leading the bidding because members in the higher density population areas simply have not heard that they can bid to keep the National Festival near them…or not.
  • Or perhaps they do not yet understand the new bidding process policy or they have just not yet visited the Festival bidding website… or not.
  • Or maybe they have not yet participated in the online polls or seen the Federation Facebook posts… or not.
  • Or maybe they have not yet read their emails about the bidding process being used to determine the 2014 National Festival destination…or not.

Regardless of what else may be going on in Region 8, the tangible results to date seem to suggest that embodiment of Kwan Jang Nim’s Vision Tour mantra is at work here.

“Individual participation is the Key Energy necessary to strengthen our foundation.”
– H.C. Hwang, Kwan Jang Nim

Why do you think the circled destination on the map is currently leading the pack to host the 2014 National Festival instead of locations with much higher Dan member populations?